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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spirit Animal Collage

I miss you all! I am having some severe pain that the doctors are having difficulty diagnosing. Kidney stones, shingles... I have had many tests, etc. to no avail. This part of my journey is quite difficult. I am doing a lot of acupuncture treatments along with pain management which I am hopeful may help me eventually-but not yet...

This is the first piece of artwork that I have been able to do over the past month. It is a very healing piece. It even has a piece of my red fox's tail and a feather from the "horn" of my great horned owl! And a photo of me with George, of course! The coins of abundance fell onto the collage at the very one in the morning to be exact!

When I look at this creation, I have the sense that my spirit is returning to my body following the surgery...It is just a bit of a rocky reentry to the atmosphere of my life...