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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sushi, Bead Workshop, and Lovely Gift!

"Your Current Safe Boundaries Were Once Unknown Frontiers"

I had a dream last night about meeting a wonderful man for sushi. You will see below that the quote that I used around the plate in my drawing was waiting for me in my mailbox when I returned home last night. I had just finished a therapy session related to opening myself up to the possibility of having a loving relationship with a wonderful man one day...I put the Japanese symbol for love at the top and marriage at the bottom.

Here is a photo of me with Robin Atkins at her Bead Embroidery workshop in Denver last weekend. It was such a treat to finally meet her in person! I also took her Beaded Treasures workshop. It brought tears to my eyes to see her beadwork pieces in lovely and inspiring. I learned so much! I haven't left the house all week...I can't stop beading!

Here is part of my bead sampler from the embroidery workshop...Making barnacles is my favorite today! I am hiding things inside of them...stars, photos...very magical.

Here is the beautiful, colorful, gift from Jacky in Australia that was waiting for me in my mailbox last night! I was so taken with the synchronicity of the hand lettered quote! I have been comtemplating it ever since...I am challenged to let go of some boundaries that are now remnants of fear related to past experiences. I am ready to consider stepping forward into a relationship with a wonderful man when the time is right...

And, at last, here is the beautiful Klimt doll that Jacky created specially for me. What an honor! Thank you, Jacky...How did you know to use the luscious pink and orange??? Maybe you were peaking at my house/studio photos...I am very touched and grateful.

Friday, April 17, 2009

White Buffalo Woman

I had a dream that I was the White Buffalo Woman. I was riding a giant buffalo along a cliff on an open prairie. There was a voice instructing me to perform a ritual and look for a vision.

It felt so wonderful to make her. She just poured through my fingers and showed me what she looked like...Quite magical...

The Buffalo represents "Manifesting Abundance Through Right Action and Right Prayer" according to Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.

George had his own idea of a vision for this photo shoot. He settled in for a snowy spring nap with Buffalo Woman.

I am exploring many alternative options to speed my surgery recovery. Medically induced menopause has proved to be a far greater challenge than I ever imagined. I am striving to balance my hormones, brain chemistry, emotions, and physical healing.

I am constantly surprised that this journey is not more clearly charted or acknowledged by the medical profession. One day, I will write an article or possibly numerous articles relaying my experience...Right now it is taking all of my strength to navigate it. I am so grateful for my art and all of you! I know that White Buffalo Woman is bringing me a message of hope...

Friday, April 3, 2009

My 50th Birthday Life Mask Ritual

I used deer antler tips for the horns. She ended up looking like a Viking from under the sea!

I poured acrylic paints right into my hands and rubbed it directly onto the plaster. I like the crackly effect that happened naturally with the many layers of paint.

I used long strands of horse hair combined with yarn and "seaweed" for the hair.

My 50th Birthday is on Monday. I decided to experiment with life-mask construction in honor of the occasion. I have been drawn to explore mask making for a while now. I spent much of this week in my basement applying bandages soaked in plaster to my face while looking in a mirror that I attached to my painting easel.

The journey has been powerful, revealing, at times unsettling, a bit allergic, sometimes comical, and quite intriguing overall. I made three masks in one day. I began the process by placing a blob of plaster directly into my eye. When my vision returned, I had some fun learning about the layering and shaping process. I also learned that removing Vaseline from my hair is quite challenging!

I have a sense that I have been giving birth to myself in the basement this week. I still have two masks left to decorate...Doing this process alone was quite an intense experience both physically and emotionally. I am looking forward to exploring it further possibly in a group setting...